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Celebrating 10 years in business!
 2011 - 2021

The Paws Team

Karen Curtis

Hi, I'm Karen - the boss! I have a Red Merle Border Collie, Bailey who has been with me from day one of starting Paws and more... He is the leader of the pack with the dogs and shows the new ones the 'way'. I also have a rescue Lurcher called Danny, Monty and Eddie who are long-haired Chihuahuas and they all play their part in the 'paws gang'.

 I have experience of working in Kennels and Catteries, have owned a variety of pets from a young age and I will go that extra mile to make sure all animals are living a comfortable, fulfilled and happy life - I love all animals as if they were my own. I am also qualified in CPD Accredited Emergency Canine First Aid, a member of NARPS UK (National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers) and the Association of Dog Boarders.


Meet Daphne (my mum, pictured here with her first dog Misty). She shares the same love of animals that I do and has a comfortable, dog friendly home and garden. This means that I am able to offer y​our pet the best environment to suit their individual needs. Daphne is fully licensed and has completed the CPD Accredited Emergency Canine First Aid qualification.


This is Lyndsey who loves dogs of all shapes and sizes. Her home offers a comfortable environment with plenty of room for the dogs to play and chill out too. Lyndsey has owned many dogs over the years and loves to welcome them into her home, where they receive plenty of love, attention and fun. She is also First Aid qualified.